Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Fashion: Time To Mix It Up

Ok, so here's the thing about spring and warm weather: I hate it. Mostly because it's sunny and it gets in my eyes and makes me hot. Especially when I can't wear anything but jeans. I haven't worn shorts since I was about 14, probably. I have the ugliest legs ever- they're so white. So so white. You can see every neon blue vein. I'm practically translucent. This makes summertime all the more miserable for me. But this year, I'm going to be brave. This year, I'm going to take advantage of a trend. *gasp*
This year... I'm going to wear....
....wait for it..
I know, right?
But not in a gross way. Leggings underneath sundresses and cute shoes. So far I have acquired two such outfits: Exhibit A:

This is what I'm wearing today, in fact. With a short white cardigan/shrug thingie, dark blue leggings, and cowboy boots. It's SO comfortable. I could wear it every day. Here's what I'm going to wear tomorrow:

I don't often get a chance to say this, but I look way better in this than she does. I think hers is way too big for her or something. Mine comes up much shorter on my leg, and the waist isn't so... baggy? I dunno, but it's super cute in real life. Also with a little sweater, gray leggings, and denim wedges. The fabric is kind of like a thin, soft denim. It's woven in a pretty herringbone pattern. 
Anyway I'm super thrilled with these new advances in fashion. Er, what I hope are advances in fashion. I'll be very sad (and hot) when this trend ends. I look forward to collecting more cute sundresses, especially because I always see adorable ones that are SO short, I'm like, how can those be dresses?! Those are just slightly long shirts! 
For example, here's a Betsey Johnson dress that I would never have dreamed of owning because it's too short: (Actually, I could never really dream of owning it because it's $300. oops.)

But this also opens a whole new world of sewing. I could make that! I could!!!
I won't, I know, but still.
I'm also loving the flirty floral blouse trend this year. I have several, they're very free and comfortable, and I wear a lacy tank underneath.
Writing this post is very surreal-feeling for me. Fashion? Pffbt. I don't need no stinkin fashion. Except now that I have a job in the real world, I feel very self-conscious about wearing my same old jeans and t-shirts to work. OMG I didn't even tell you, I bought pearl jewelry. Ok, not real pearls obviously, but still. This is huge for me, people. I wear them with my pastel floral blouses and feel very grown-up. I even wore nude heels with jeans recently.
I know, right? This is weird.

But exciting and exhilarating.
So inspiring, in fact, that I think I need a new hair cut.
Dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.
I know, right?

So for your consideration, I present to you my inspirations:

So these would be my ideas for cutting my hair. I love the volume and the waves. I have a ton of hair, so I don't know why I can't grasp the concept of how to create volume. I need a class or something. How To Be A Girl 101. My hair is very textured, so I can pretty much do any style. The down side is that if I don't do any styling, it looks like a giant frizz ball. Very unappealing. I want to cut my hair because it's getting on my nerves and because I want a fresh change. 
On the other hand....

I mean, wow. I'm afraid if I cut it that I'll wish I had held out another year or so to have luxurious curls tumbling down my back. On the other other hand, (yea I have like 4?) it's a zillion times more a pain in the butt. On the other other other hand, I want to learn how to style my hair like this:

Now that last one I can actually pull off if I do pincurls, but I don't remember it looking nearly as cool when it was on me. :/
Maybe a compromise? I really want to try more bangs. I have some right now, but they're very long and they just kind of swoop over half my forehead to the opposite side. Meh. I want those banks like Gwyn has in the first photo, where they start really far back. Maybe if I get lots and lots of layers with bangs starting farther back, it will accomplish the same fresh feeling?

Or maybe I should just wear a paper bag over my head and be done with it.

PS. In case you're wondering where this sudden surge of inspiration is coming from... er wait.. from whence this sudden surge of inspiration comes? No that's not right either. Well you know what I mean. I'm gettin' all wound up because of Pinterest. If you have an account too, follow me here. Join me, and together we can rule the... No wait. Join me, and together we will waste countless hours of our lives pining over things we will never have. But also inspiring ourselves. :)


Kimmy said...

I'm voting long. I can't stand when it's hot and hair is touching my neck all sweaty and long hair gives you that nice option to still put it up and pile it on your head all cute.

harmonybatham said...

I love your posts-they always make me giggle like a crazy person causing my husband to give me the "are you really lol-ing" eyebrow:)

And I also vote long-i've been growing out my hair for an agonizingly long time and I die a little bit every time someone chops off their luscious locks...just sayin ;)

Heather said...

I loooove that stripey dress! And the rainbow nails! So fun!

I'm gonna go against the rain and vote short here-only because I've let mine grow out for the past three years and I can't. take. another. day.

jenni said...

i wish i had thick hair to cut short...

Air Compressors said...

I like the color of nail paint.Its coool

Courtney said...

Cut it short!! I love short hair. So young and fun and cute and bouncy. :-P

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Anonymous said...
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