Thursday, May 19, 2011

Favorite Food Blog

A few months ago, my friend Talaya introduced me to a food blog called Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice. Just go there. It will change your life.
The end.

Oh wait. Not enough for a post hmm?
Then let me just show you what my fantastic husband has been feeding me for dinner when I get home from work:
(photos used with permission of author)

Taco Soup

Black Bean Soup

Chicken Florentine Soup

White Chicken Chili

I might have a thing for soup.
I couldn't even pick a favorite. The chicken florentine is creamy, and then when you serve it with grated parmesan, it melts only enough to coat the ingredients with a fantastic cheesy coating. mmmmm.
The taco soup and the black bean soup are amaaaazing with tortilla chips. And I don't mean Tostitos. I mean the thick, crunchy, authentic kind that you get in the international food aisle.

We've tried a couple desserts too:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Homemade Marshmallows
The cookie pie tastes like.. a pie shell filled with cookie dough with a decadent chocolate coating. I don't even use the shell when I make it. I just spray the dish and load in the cookie dough. I've made it four times and it's always turned out phenomenal. I also like how easy it is to remember, it only takes a few ingredients. And if you follow the Never No Cho-Chis rule (never be without chocolate chips in the house), you'll probably always have the ingredients on hand. Friends drop by for a visit? Pop this baby in the oven and viola, a fresh and hot dessert coming right up.
Might be getting a little carried away.
Now the marshmallows were interesting. I loved the taste and the texture, but I don't know how she managed to make hers so beautiful! Mine were.. well, wonky. We made some for a party that were strawberry-flavored and dipped in chocolate. I had a bag of frozen strawberries thawing in the fridge for my yogurt, so I just drizzled the juice into the marshmallow mixture. Perfect taste and color. We tried to put the marshmallow "squares" on pop sticks and dip them in chocolate, but.... we ended up standing around and eating them out of the pan with a fork haha! Still tastes great anyway.

And here's something I haven't had a chance to try yet:

Fried Pickles
Man I ate a ton of those at Applebees when I was pregnant. I think these would be great to make for parties.

And something dear to my heart:

Nutella Pots De Creme
Pots De Creme apparently means baked custard. I don't know that I would like custard, but if it contains Nutella, that's all I need to know.
Oh Nutella.
Speaking of which, I have been collecting so many Nutella recipes lately that I had to put them on a separate Pinterest board! Check it out: All Nutella All The Time


jenni said...

seriously stop with all the food nonsense. i'm weak.

Tamara Epps said...

Everything looks delicious, especially the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie - so, so, so want to try it!