Sunday, May 8, 2011

Probably Not, But I Can Try

Camping is boring. You can see the stars, which I hate. They're creepy.
The air is too fresh, it's disgusting, I can't breathe.
There's a babbling brook that won't stop babbling.

Yeah, I just caught up on five weeks worth of Parks and Rec. We don't have tv, so I like to save them up and watch them on hulu. Well, I mean we have a tv, but we don't have "tv" on it. Just DVDs and Netflix. Anyway, I do so love this show. And I think the two hours plus annoying verizon commercials have inspired me to change. 
It doesn't take much.

I want to be healthy.
Here we go again, I know what you're thinking. And it's true, I've never stuck to a Get Healthy But Really Skinny Is The Important Part plan for more than two days in a row. All my life I've eaten whatever I wanted and never worried about it. But I think... and I can't believe I'm saying this... I think my body is actually developing an aversion to junk food.
I know, shudder.

It could just be that the last few times I've had junk food, it was terrible. Graters ice cream used to be amazing, but the last time I had it there were ice chunks in it. I had peanut butter M&Ms during the worst movie EVER on Friday, so I might always associate M&Ms with revulsion forevermore. 
Probably not, but I can try. 
And then today we took Carly to the dairy farm so she could play at the petting zoo and have their famous ice cream, but it was disgusting. Carly wouldn't eat hers, I took two bites of mine, and Douglas charged courageously on and ate the whole thing. But not willingly. I think it's a waste-not mentality he was raised with. 
Anyway the point is that junk food has not been good to me lately. In more ways than one.
As I untuck my sweatshirt from my recently acquired tummy rolls.

So here are my resolves. Resolutions. Whatever.
  • For one whole consecutive week, eat only fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, milk, and my daily can of all-natural chicken and rice soup.
  • Oh wait what about the gallons of coffee creamer to go with my daily three pots of coffee?!? Ehhh.... I'll have tea with honey. *gulp* 
  • Park far away from the office on purpose. Not because I'm always late and there are no parking spaces left. See, that one's already taken care of.
  • Bring my Skechers ShapeUps to work and walk. Around. The parking lot. At lunch.
Ok so here are four things that I can do that won't be expensive and won't take any extra time out of my day. These are reachable goals, something I've never tried before. The walking around the parking lot thing is the least likely of all to actually happen. But I figure if I can do all these things and make them a habit, then...
I'll look awesome in a swimsuit
I'll fit into all of last year's summer clothes by next month
I might look and feel slightly better overall?

That's kind of a lame motivation. But already Carly has stolen my fruit tray that Doug got for me. So that's something, my kid is eating fruit instead of hot dogs. (We were sitting in bed watching tv and I told Doug I wanted to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables. He looked at me like I had four heads and then I realized what I'd just said. But it was really true, I wanted to eat healthy things. Weirdest feeling ever. I think there was a fleeting moment of panic when we both wondered if I was pregnant. Or suffering from a brain tumor. Or abducted by aliens and replaced with a weird Me clone.) Also, I'm very proud to report that during the time of this post writing, I successfully resisted the temptation to sample the cream cheese dip that came with the fruit tray. Well actually Doug caught me and took it away before I could get the lid off. But still. It's a promising start. :)

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