Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stringtopia: Part 1

I'm not doing an event post in two parts to build up the drama or anything, but just because there are so. Many. Photos. And I'm on my lunch break, so no way could I finish it all in one post. So today I'll talk about the fabulous inn and tomorrow I'll show you the classes and the yaaaaarn!

If you remember from last week, Stringtopia was the spinning retreat/classes my mom and I took in Lebanon, Ohio. I thought it was a big deal before we went, but I had no idea how much of a big deal it really was until we got there. Spinning superstar instructors, people traveling internationally to attend, and the promise of a fiber shopping wonderland should have clued me in but I guess it just didn't hit me until later. It was like an entirely different world where everyone loved yarn and fiber even more than you do, and I wanted to stay forever.
Anyway, here are some photos from The Golden Lamb and Friday night:

Securing Mr. Matchless.

Here's our room, the James Whitcomb Riley room. And I found out he is an author, there was a lovely set of books in our room.


The inn had four floors, and you were welcome to explore all of them...

I loved the decor. There were antique maps and portraits and needlework pieces everywhere, it was a perfect setting for a homespun-themed weekend. I wish I could have taken more photos of the quilts and display rooms, but a lot of it was behind glass and I was already on bad terms with this new flash so I couldn't figure it out. :/

 Lambs. Everywhere. Appropriate.

I thought this thing was so cool, I pushed the button every time I walked past it. It's the battle of.. something, I don't remember now, but when you push the button....

It lights up and looks all fire-ey! I know, you can't really tell in my terrible photos, but just use your imagination.

All the rooms in the inn were open to view until the guests checked in, which was really cool because they were all different:

Here are our class rooms:

And here are the lovely, talented, and overall amazing Jacey, Abby, and Sarah:

Mom and I had dinner shortly after we arrived in the tavern. There are like a gazilliantybillion dining rooms too...

Lamb with mint jelly and the bestest mashed potatoes evur!

Later that evening we all got to browse Morgaine's little shop:

And then Mom changed into the sari she made especially for the occasion:

It was really cool. Apparently there's a Ravelry story behind all this, but I don't know the details. I believe somebody dared somebody else to wear a sari. And a tiara. There were lots of tiaras.

Ok so if you weren't bored out of your skulls by that, check back tomorrow for the second post with all the yarn!


andrea creates said...

i wasn't bored.i was wondering how i missed hearing about this spinning party ;)
i've been to the golden lamb for lunch after the christmas horse parade-it's very quaint.

jenni said...

Your mom is gorgeous!!!

Hollie May said...

omg this is a dream. and your mom is magical!

GardenofDaisies said...

WOW!! What an amazing place to stay and have classes! And the cute little lambs everywhere! The colors of the wool are gorgeous!!!!!!!

Winterhart said...

Totally not bored. Loving it! You took such beautiful pictures; I wish I'd remembered to get my camera out of its bag before Sunday afternoon, hee. It was great to meet you, and what an amazing weekend!

-Winterhart/Laura :)