Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stringtopia: Part 2

I think the weekend is finally catching up with me. I can't even put thoughts with these photos. I know you understand :)

Here's the class I took on Saturday, and that's Jacey in the middle. She's showing us how to make thick-and-thin yarn which we will later turn into something even cooler. See that gal in the blue sweater on the right? It was like... her first day with a spinning wheel. See those bobbins next to her full of freshly spun thick-and-thin done correctly? Now imagine me all red, sweaty, and fighting back tears. I'm new at this also, but not as new as she is and not turning out anything nearly as impressive.

Exhibit A:
*Disclaimer: These examples of what not to do are in no way reflective of Jacey's teaching ability, as proven by That Girl Who Got It Right On Her First Try And Didn't Even Cry. More like, reflective of my ability to listen and follow directions.

Moving on.
Here's what we were supposed to make with our thick-and-thin yarn:
Aaaand here's mine:

Then, we used the same technique to make Super Coils:

Well I should say everyone else made Super Coils. I made Worm Poop:

I want to keep practicing though, because I do think it made a really cool bracelet.

We also covered Stacks and Traps...

But I didn't even bother taking a photo of mine because hoooboy let me assure you, they looked nothing like that! Here are some other gorgeous yarns made by Jacey:

Le sigh.

Now let me show you my first attempt on a spinning wheel:
*screams of horror*

And here is why I keep trying:

I made that! There are a couple yards here and there that don't look too bad if I do say so myself. If you cross your eyes and sit really far back, anyway. Doncha just love those colors? That was my door prize, from The Painted Tiger. I also won this from her:

It's like it was made just for me!

Here are some beautiful class materials:

This cupcake fluff of awesomeness was from the goodie bags we got when we checked in:
 It's a... fluff (? I'm not so familiar with the Official Fluff Terminology yet but you know what I mean) of silk, and the little red "cherry" on top is a dyed silkworm cocoon! I promise it looked so much more like a cupcake than it does now because I've taken it out and practically petted it to death several times.
So neat. From Fuzzy Wuzzy

And THEN as if that wasn't enough, there was Morgaine's shop, where I got these:

This is the infamous Abby Batt:
It feels like... I can't describe it. It's so soft that you have to look to make sure you're really petting it.

And I invested in two drop spindles, only gravy knows why because I cannot use them to save my life. Literally, like if my life was in danger and dependent upon my spinning anything that remotely resembles yarn on these things, well, I'd be very very... not alive.
What can I say? I got caught up in the moment. The smell of the wool and the dye lowers financial inhibitions.

It's one of those new learning things like, I pick it up and I'm actually making yarn for about 15 seconds. Then I'm making an unspeakably horrifying mess and I have to just put it down until tomorrow. Rinse and repeat. I finally picked up a copy of Abby's book though, so as soon as I can find a minute I'm going to buckle down and really learn this thing.

And the bead store was conveniently one block away, so I stocked up on some shop supplies:
I had to get beads to match my latest vintage buttons for new necklaces! Also thinking of doing embroidered brooches with little loops of chain and beads hanging down? I can't describe it. Anyway, there was one last fantastically amazing purchase:

Ok terrible picture but just imagine the coolest handwoven bag ever. I'm never ever going to put it down.

So in summary, I had an awesome time and so much creative inspiration that ideas are coming out my ears and I can't wait to learn how to do this for realsies!


jenni said...

It's lovely worm poop, Melissa, and if it were perfect the very first time you'd probably be tired of it in an instant so at least this way you're determined to be a spinning genius! :)

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh my goodness, these wool and yarns are sooooo beautiful! So are the spinning wheels and drop spindles. What an amazing art to learn.
By the way, I thought the worm poop looked pretty. And I think you just won the award for best laugh of the day!!

InJuneau said...

Looks like loads of fun was had by all, even you. I like your yarns!

Is the smaller spindle a Cascade Spindles Tiger or Couger? Nice spindles, those Cascades!

Lydia said...

I would love to learn to spin yarn - very jealous! And I like all your attempts, even the worm poop! :-)

Tsarina of Tsocks said...

You may not know how to use a spindle YET (hang out with this crowd for another minute or two and that will be resolved in short order), but you have lovely taste in spindles - it don't come much nicer than a Csscade Little Si and a Greensleeves Damsel Monique.

Also, remember about Beginner Mind and be proud of having spun honorable beginner yarn. Some of those coils are looking pretty cool.

Also also... u iz FUNNY.

monica said...

I love your yarn! Thank you so very much for including a picture of my roving! I do hope that you had fun spinning it!:)
Monica-Just Ducky

Heather said...

That is soooo awesome! Both my cousin and a very dear friend have spinning wheels...I could sit and watch them work all day!
(My cousin even has sheep- so amazing!)