Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Deal Ever In The History Of Best Deals Ever

I'm in such a tizzy I don't even know where to start. Ok you know how you have this favorite thing on etsy, like your favoritest of favorites? And you know you'll probably never get to have it, but it's still up there on The Favorite Of Favorites pedestal? Right, so this was my Favorite: (Actually, I have like four Favorite of Favorites, but this was the winner for the Home Goods category. Other categories include Animals On My Head. So you can see why I needed categories.)

Anyway, Knock Knocking is definitely on the tallest pedestal of Shop and Blog Aspiration. Not to be confused with AsFIXiation, but that's pretty much what happened when I got an email from Heartsy this morning to notify me of an impending deal for Knock Knocking.

Agnes, the gorgeous genius behind it all, is just so fantastic. Her blog is packed with cute finds and inspiration, and I could just stare at her shop all day. I've see her work imitated, but nothing else has the same polish and zing. With a new baby and a hugely popular shop, I don't know how she does it all! But she does, and with the sweetest and most cheerful personality you can imagine.

I think I've had all of her pieces in my favorites list at one time or another!

Thanks to all you lovelies who have been using my referral link to sign up for Heartsy, I had a nice little pile of vouchers just waiting for the perfect deal. The fact that it turned out to be for my most favoritest shop ever, well, just.. tizzy. That's all.I was in a big fat tizzy.
If you want in on this, you'd better be quick, because sometimes the deals sell out right away. Sign up here, and you can buy it before it goes live tomorrow if you fork over $8 to be a VIP. I think it's an excellent deal because you get $10 extra to spend in the shop and $10 credit for a later deal. Of course, you can still sign up for free and pounce on the deal the minute it goes live tomorrow.

Anyway, I had the hardest time picking which wreath to get. I know right where I want to hang it, so it had to match the living room:

So we've got kind of a vintage farmhouse feel with bright, primary colors. (This is when we first moved in, so pay no attention to the clutter, stray wiring, and un-hung stuff! Also we're missing a yellow coffee table.)
The zebra wreath was the first one that popped into my head when I saw the deal, but I just don't think he'd go. I love the bird one, but the pastels might not look right with all these bright colors. But the rainbow one was perfect! Agnes is going to give me a string of mustard yarn instead of the pearls, too. I can't wait to see it!! It's going to go to the left of this shelf:

I might need to move that green desk and the lamp and mirror so it's not too cluttered. OR I could hang MORE stuff on the wall EVERYWHERE and call it eclectic :)


My Vintage Mending said...

Melissa...I jumped on the bird one...thanks for the tip. She has amazing if I could only get my other favorite felt artist Sew Sweet Stitches to do this I would be set!...Ha! Smiles...Renee

Pandora said...

Hi, I just love your curtains! Where did you get them?

SewSweetStitches said...

Aw thanks Renee! If a dozen people bought something from my shop at once, I'd have a mild stroke. I don't think I could survive an entire Heartsy ordeal!

Thanks Pandora, I got the curtains from Ikea, here's a link:

Pandora said...

Thank you!! And I love your blog. :)

Michele Ward said...

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