Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Color Inspiration

So as it turns out, Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration for evils other than Diet Wreckers and a bad case of the I Wants. Since starting a color inspiration board, I am off and running with new pieces in colors I never would have considered using before...

This collage-style brooch was inspired by this image:

And this bit of lace just happened to be laying near the buttons, and so out came this necklace:

Then I saw this image:

And was inspired to make this hair clip:

Now that I've gotten into the habit of seeing colors where I never noticed them before, my mind is racing with possibilities!

It's interesting how much easier it is to visualize a finished piece when you actually pick apart the colors in an image. Just staring at an image in its entirety, I think I have a hard time separating the feeling invoked by the subject matter from the colors that could be applied to different styles. But sometimes, I want to imitate the theme of the inspiration completely, like that luxurious pink velvet and gold chair- Can't you picture those colors in a little floral collage embroidered with gold thread and embellished with tiny rhinestone buttons?
The palette of the flea market collage is perfect just as it is, in a fun, carefree, summertime style. Maybe simple polka dots and stripes? 
And the painted door makes me think of an exotic culture, with intricate architectural carvings everywhere, maybe some Mehndi motifs? Those colors would look amazing in a henna design!

I can't wait to go home and get to work!


andrea creates said...

looks great! i especially love the button in the first brooch and the details :)

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

So inspiring! :)