Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Burrito

I took Carly to the Our Burrito on a lovely day last week. Well, it was still stinkin hot but at least not humid. The Our Burrito is what Carly calls the arboretum aww!

 She loves the camera!

After we stomped back and forth across the arboretum three times, we indulged in some well-deserved Friendlys!

"Mooom don't take my picture, I'm trying to concentrate!"

"Ok fine, but this fake smile is all you're gettin"

Clown Face Sundae! My little brother and I always got these when we were little.
And I got my classic favorite:

Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, peanut butter sauce, and Reeses Pieces! Best ever.
Then two little boys were playing in the little game area and won two stuffed animals for her!

Awww so sweet!


Lia said...

Ah! The good Old Clown Face sundae! Gorgeous photos - and such a strikingly lovely model! ;)

janet said...

She is so stinking adorable!!!!!!!

Did you like the way I phrased that ;->

janet xox