Friday, August 26, 2011

Attack of The Lemur Zombies

This is why we don't have cable TV.
Last night I was hanging out with my mom, and we were flipping through the channels when we came across Mean Girls. It's a pretty cute movie. I wouldn't exactly call it a nightmare-inducing horror flick, but darn it if it didn't give me terrible nightmares!

Of being extraordinarily fat?
Of being hit by a bus?

...Of LEMUR ZOMBIIIEEES dun dun dunnnnn!

I also give credit to watching Madagascar with Carly earlier in the week, and to the frog on our patio which induced Carly into a terrified frenzy with all its ribbit-ing. Oh, and a ton of Splenda because I had like four pots of tea yesterday.


That, my friends, is a Lindsay Lohan Lemur Zombie. She can jump really really high and get you no matter where you hide. She's actually an alien, and she came to Earth to collect these:

I'm not really sure if she was trying to eradicate them from the universe, or if she just wanted to collect them. I think she was also interested in anything she could get from the NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC! line. Oh, and sustain herself on human flesh during her stay. 
It was so scary that I woke up in an asthmatic panic. Doug was like, "You had a zombie nightmare, didn't you." I laid there for who knows how long willing my body not to pee on itself because I was too scared to get up and go to the bathroom.
Let this be a lesson to you- Hold the Splenda, especially right before bed,


Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh man. I had that CD advertised. I must have been about 14. (That proves how cool I was at 14)

Also, hahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!....smiles

Jannat said...

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