Monday, August 22, 2011

A Fantastic Weekend

Any weekend that includes a trip to the flea market has to be fantastic, am I right?

Just finding buttons makes the whole trip worthwhile, but I also bargained for this...

For Carly's dolls, of course. But I'm going to paint it in kind of a folk art style to match my living room. Like this tray maybe:

I already finished spray-painting it red last night! Now I need to scrounge up some vintage folk art fabric scraps for a matching doll quilt. The one in the cradle photo is going to be turned in to a throw pillow for the sofa, I think.
I also got two old childrens books:

They are so adorable! I've been trying to come up with a creative use for them, besides just framing the pages for Carly's walls. I was thinking I could somehow incorporate embroidery? Like greeting cards or wall hangings? I'd want to put them in my etsy shop of course, but I don't want to deal with the hassle of framing them. Maybe I could cut out the designs and decoratively stitch them to fabric in an embroidery hoop? I need ideas guys!! 

Bunnies. Sewing. COME ON!
I can't handle the cuteness.

I also got Carly a Barbie with a floofy ball gown and a stash of old Barbie clothes. There's even a really cool astronaut suit, but I think he goes to GI Joe. She was away for the weekend visiting relatives, so I wrapped everything up for her to open when she got back. I was so happy to see her last night, but I admit I reeeeally enjoyed my weekend alone!

I caught up on several little projects I'd been wanting to do, laid around and watched movies, and did my nails. It was blissful. Oh and there was this:

My favorite, paired nicely with chinese food and a two-inch-thick peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Heavenly!

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