Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting Ready For Autumn

I keep a binder with all the ideas I have for seasonal "lines" in my shop. They never actually make it to reality, which is maddening. But over the weekend, creativity hit and I couldn't resist.

I love how this turned out. I think it looks like something you'd see pinned to a dress in the 1940's. I'm thinking of making them as barrettes too. Necklaces? I don't know...

Yeah, they're all kind of the same thing. shrug. I love making one-of-a-kind pieces, but I also want to have a decent stock of things I can remake over and over. The joy of just stitching and not fighting battles of The Great Photo War is fantastic. I'm in love with those buttons because they look like genuine Bakelite but of course they're not. Fakelite, I guess we could call them. Whenever I get my paws on a really cool button that the world may never see again, I'm reluctant to use it in anything because I'm afraid my creation won't be worthy of the button. Do you ever see amazing buttons or old pieces of costume jewelry glued to something lame, and you're thinking what a waste of a great button! I don't want to do that to buttons. 

I did indulge in a OOAK freeform piece too:

It's a brooch. I've been thinking about adding a hidden jumpring to the backs of these and marketing them as necklaces also, so that the chain could be removed if you wanted to wear it as a brooch. What do you think?

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Allison said...

I think the necklace option is a clever idea. Great pretty designs.