Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss Kitty Gets A Head

Remember the scene near the beginning of Lilo And Stitch, when Lilo wants to play dolls with the other little girls and they're all like, "you don't even have a doll!" And then Lilo pulls out her precious little handmade Scrump?

“This is Scrump. I made her. But her head is too big, so I pretended that a bug laid eggs in her ear, and she’s upset because she has only a few more days left to…”

Keep that scene in mind when I explain what I did last night. 
I haven't spent much time with Carly lately. It seems like one thing after another has come up, and on top of that I have to make everything more difficult by taking on unnecessary projects. Plus she'll be out of town visiting relatives with my dad this weekend, so I'm already missing her. I promised her that when I got home from work last night, it would be a special evening for just her and me. We would bake brownies, play My Little Ponies, and I was going to teach her to sew her very own doll. She was really excited about that last part, because she's been practicing her sewing skills lately. 
I had planned to cut out two simple outlines of a bunny or whatever she wanted to make from craft felt, then mark dots around the edges that she could easily sew them together before stuffing. But no, that would be too easy. When I got home I remembered that I still hadn't made anything from my Wee Wonderfuls book, and now would be a perfect opportunity. Except it wouldn't, because I promised Carly she could do all the work and of course these dolls were too difficult for her. Heck, they were too difficult for me! Not that the book was deficient in instructions or patterns, but.. well.. you'll see.

Even though she has plenty of dolls and stuffed animals already, Carly has been carrying around an ugly green umbrella all week, proclaiming it to be her special kitty cat. Leaving it closed, she cuddles and pets it, and even disciplines it when it doesn't potty in its "glitter box" like a good kitty. It was cute at first, but she's been trying to sneak it to the car so she can take her kitty with her to the grocery store. So I thought she might appreciate having a slightly more recognizable version of a pet cat. I say slightly recognizable, because this is what Miss Kitty was supposed to look like, and what she actually looks like:

Yeah... I know. 
What happened here? She has no chin. She's like the Anthony Edwards of stuffed cats. Why is her head so misshapen? Why are her ears so wonky? I re-applied them three times for gosh sakes! And I know, she's naked. I do have a dress in the works but because I made the body completely different from the pattern for no good reason at all, I'm having issues drafting my own pattern. Because of course it has to have puffed sleeves and a peter pan collar. Go big or go home baby.
And can we talk about her face for a minute? Was it the button choice that gives her eyes that horror movie look?

Like a shark. That will straight up bite you in half.

The appendages, if they can even be called that, were just tacked on with embroidery thread because I have no idea how this hidden ladder stitching thing works. And did I mention it took THREE tries to get the ears on semi-correctly? Yeah. Let's call this doll... rustic.

Plus I somehow managed to sew the head on completely crooked, so she will forever be looking off into the distance.
Well Carly loves her anyway, and is excited for all the accessories I've promised her. A little bundled up baby kitty, a pretend balloon, hair bows, and of course a huge wardrobe. Snort.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up. :)

Lisa said...

Awwww, it's adorable!! Even the flat shark eyes!

Marisa Hopkins said...

AW. I love it. And I love that book!! I have this pattern which I bought off Etsy printed up for my girls to make ... maybe this weekend?

I love little rag dolls!

eamylove said...

I hope your tongue is in your cheek! I just KNEW at the end that Carly would love this sweet little kitty. I think I like it even more than the model. But then again I had a one-eyed teddy bear...