Monday, August 8, 2011

Strike A Pose

I'm glad I got some cute photos of Carly last week, because there won't be any more for a long long time.

I made a little sewing kit for her out of a little plastic tackle box, and filled it with old buttons, beads, paper flowers, scraps of ribbon, and whatever else I thought she'd like to stitch down. She does pretty good sewing things to felt and paper, and I stupidly let her use a pair of little sewing scissors.

We were sitting in my bed working on our embroidery projects, when she announced she was going to move to the floor so she could "spwead stuff out." I'm like Oh ok fine honey, not really paying attention. I know, I'm an idiot. It was verrry quiet for a while, which was my first tip-off to disaster. When I asked what she was doing under the bed, she answered, "Nuffing!"

If you have children, dear Readers, I'm sure you're having a physical reaction right now to the above scenario. Armpits sweating, eyes widening, nostrils flaring. You know this means nothing good.

I blame myself. Mostly. All kids massacre their own hair at some point, right?

At least she left a good chunk hanging down in the front. I can pin that up across the hacked pieces and it's not too noticeable. But still!


This is Carly pretending to be "the RAP in the baby's room!" from Lady & The Tramp
Maybe she was trying to give herself a "rap" tail?


Terry said...

oh noooo!!!

Christina said...

She is so cute! Aww hehe. Sorry to hear about the cut, eeks.

janet said...

Brings back funny memories of my first self-inflicted haircut ....shortest bangs in history ;->

janet xox