Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Fashion: Lace and Gunne Sax

As soon as the weather hits sixty degrees in the Spring, I start fantasizing about Autumn- Crunching leaves, pumpkin lattes, and the scent of wood-burning fireplaces. I fantasize about seeing my breath in the crisp, cold air. Sweaters. Mittens. Fur-lined boots. I even see myself scraping my windshield in the morning wearing a velvet-and-lace Gunne Sax dress.

Yes, it's true. I've always wanted one. Or a dozen.
 I'm pretty sure I had one when I was little. It was dark blue with a pattern of tiny pink flowers. It had lace trim everywhere and a big ruffle on the bottom. It was my favorite dress, and I distinctly remember wearing it to the Q & U Wedding in first grade. At the time, it was a big deal. Looking back, it's just creepy and kind of embarrassing. I guess all the first grade teachers at the elementary school thought that just telling us that the letters "Q" and "U" always go together wouldn't do the trick. To really explain this difficult concept, they arranged an elaborate wedding between the first grade boys and girls. They set it up in the gym and our parents were invited to come and take videos. The boys had to pick a plastic wedding ring for their brides out of an assortment of colors. I told my groom I really wanted pink, but he spitefully chose a white one because I had cooties. I tried to trade with the other girls with pink rings who apparently did not have as severe a case of cooties as I, but nobody wanted the ugly white. Men are the worst! As if being forced to pretend-marry a boy who hated me wasn't enough, we had to hold hands all the way down the aisle. 
You know, I'm still not really sure who was the Q and who was the U. Either way, I'm scarred for life by the memory of a forced marriage to a mean little boy with a rat-tail hairdo and sweaty hands.

Now where was I going with that....
Oh yes, Gunne Sax dresses.
Aren't they the best?

I definitely need to start a collection of these. I would seriously wear them every day.
Anyway, what reminded me of my favorite childhood dress was all the lace-trimmed dresses and tops I've seen recently...
   ModCloth, $85   

                                                                                                    Ruche, $43                                                                                                    

Asos, $83                                                   

I was also thinking that many of last year's sweaters in my closet could get a quick update with a lace collar. There are a lot of pretty ones on etsy!

I think it would also be quick and easy to embellish a plain zippered hoodie with a few strips of lace trim. Any other Autumn wardrobe lace ideas?


bex said...

i'm such a sucker for anything with a collar.

caryn said...

what a pretty collection. hooray for fall!

MosaicMagpie said...

Now I am telling my age here. I had those Gunne Sax dresses and I absolutly loved wearing them. Of course I had the lace up boots to go with them. If you do a post on fur "hot pants" I can say I had those too! Oh, to be young again and wear those "hot pants"!!!

Rush Creek Mosaics said...

What a great blog - super pictures and selections and articles and ... all!


-- Mary Lou
Rush Creek Mosaics