Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fiber Fest 2011 Shopping List

...Because an actual list makes it seems like an official necessity, don't you think?

This will be my first fiber fest after I learned to spin for reals. Which means... trouble. 
Right now I'm just intrigued with making something that somewhat resembles real yarn, so I haven't given a single thought to what I want to make with anything I've spun. I'd rather just look at it, to be honest. But I'll never be able to justify more fiber purchases unless they're actually going to be turned into objects that can be useful for something other than amusing me by being stared at, sniffed, petted, and shoved in my friends faces for admiration against their will.
Maybe you can help me decide which projects to shop for this weekend?
Try to keep in mind that I refuse to learn colorwork or cables, mmk? 

What I want to make most this year is a dress for my little girl. She's four years old, but thanks to her Amazonite legs, she wears closer to a size six. Since we go to Bible study several times a week, she needs a lot of dresses. These days dresses and skirts that don't include sequins, suggestive ruching, or the phrase "flirt" across the backside are hard to find, especially in winter.  
I'm loving this first one because I think the casual style would work well with my current uneven handspun. At first I thought no to the stripes, but I have two big batches of merino roving in variegated purple and teal that I think would work well together since they have a lot of the same secondary colors.
So I guess that doesn't have to be part of the shopping list since I technically already have the roving, but you never know what else it might come in handy for!

I love this dress because the top is just like the Citron shawl I actually finished, which means I should be capable of conquering this too. But I'd add long sleeves of course, because I hate fiddling with matching jackets.

Again, I'd add long sleeves. Looks pretty simple!

Now back to me. I plan to do a lot of legging/tights-wearing this autumn, and I think legwarmers over skinny jeans or peeking out from boot tops are pretty much the cutest thing ever. And I love that I won't have to knit sock feet onto them, because it's a cold hard fact that I cannot turn a heel, and that's that. I accept it, I'm moving on and doing the best I can with my... disability. 

Pretty simple, right? And with the magic loop method, there won't even be any seaming. Rejoice.

Tthese might be good for me to try lace again? Maybe? Lets not forget what happened the last time I tried lace knitting. *shudder*
But these are sooo pretty with heels!

Now let's talk about More Things I'll Never Make. There's always a sweater at the top of that list.

 I know, right? It's fantastic. I like how it doesn't have any buttons. You know I have nothing against buttons, but with a cardigan that has to be fastened in the middle, you are always at risk for bunching and pulling somewhere. My skill level isn't really equal to conquering that issue. The thing with this cardigan, though, is that it's knit from a scarf pattern and then the stitches for the rest are somehow added on. I'm not really sure how that works, but... it makes me sweaty.

Who doesn't love Kim Hargreaves? I think this would be ridiculously cute with some brass buttons stitched to the ends of some of the stripes, to mimic a military coat.

Speaking of lots of buttons...
Asymmetrical. So cute.

This is meant to incorporate handspun, even for amateurs like me!

V-Neck Pullover sweater pattern by Stefanie Japel                         Heartigan Cardigan by Katie Himmelberg

I thought of the v-neck sweater when I saw the heart elbow patches. They are so cute, but I don't really care for the cardigan. I've been wanting to make that Stefanie Japel sweater for a few years now, so maybe I can put the heart patches on the elbows! Although I probably wouldn't wear it with shorts, sorry. No matter how many pairs of adorable leggings I had on.

Eeeek puffed sleeves! I'm such a sucker for puffed sleeves. This sweater says rustic to me, and I think my "rustic"-looking handspun would work.

More puffed sleeves! And square necklines! Do I really need thumb holes though? Hmm.... *Tucks thumb-holed sweatshirt hands into back pockets*

Um, swoon. I love everything about this. Except maybe the way it might make my slightly curvier figure look like a puffy marshmallow.

Now here's something that might actually make it onto the needles! Same concept as the Citron, again.

In my dreams. But it's sooooo gorgeous! *whimper*

I'm sorry, I really am. I couldn't help it.

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

What did you make with your first usable handspun? What are you planning to knit this autumn? I'd love to see your projects!

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Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

So many dreamy patterns! My mind hasn't really turned to knitting yet this fall, but I'd also like to make a pair of legwarmers and maybe a new scarf!

One of my friends actually made the Hemlock Ring Blanket. It's absolutely amazing!