Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My New Autumn Line!

It makes me feel like a grown-up to say I have a "fall line!"
I've always wanted to do seasonal lines. I have a notebook full of ideas and themes for every season for the next decade probably hehe. So frustrating to not have time to try them out! But if one ever made it into reality, I'm happy it's this one.

It doesn't really have a name. Does it need one? Embroidered Patchwork. Or something like that but not lame. Anyway, I have many more ideas for this series but I couldn't wait to show you until they were all done! I've had this theory for a while that quilting is going to be the next big craft. Now before you hard-core quilters go all ragebeast on me, I'm not saying that quilting has never been a big craft. I've been looking through my mom's quilting books, and I'm in love with it. I've always wanted to quilt but I have this thing with fabric and thread- I'm not good at it. And I'm not just saying that to be modest, seriously I'm not so good at the putting the fabrics together thing. That's why felt is the perfect medium for me. No pattern transfers, no wrong side/right sides, no pesky seam allowances.

 I've long had a theory that the part of my brain that controls spacial relations has been irreversibly damaged at birth somehow. I can't drive in reverse or parallel park, I can't fold down four-part box tops, and I definitely cannot use an etch-a-sketch. You know those lawn mowers that have the two handles for steering instead of a wheel? Recently I tried to do my dad a favor and cut his lawn, but I gouged out and chopped up a tree stump the size of a beach ball, and then uprooted several fence posts. (Don't worry, my dad doesn't read my blog.) It seriously looked as if it were cut by a drunk blind person. 
The point is that this intelligence handicap makes sewing a complete disaster. My wrong sides are always against my right sides. Or wait, is it the other way? See I don't even know, I can't figure out how to put one-dimensional objects together to create something 3D. Or do two things at once, like follow a straight line and push the sewing machine pedal. Or cut the grass and avoid the side of the garage (kidding Dad!)

Anyway, quilting is something I'll probably never get to do, unless I can someday afford some lovely antique blocks already pieced together and quilt them myself. But I love looking at the quilting books and getting inspiration from the traditional block designs.

My favorites are the pieced blocks like the dresden plate and grandmother's flower garden. I want to try those in felt too, but first I did some simpler pieces...

The square blocks are going to be pendants and brooches, and the strip of chevrons could make a cute cuff, I thought. Or maybe a shorter strip as a pendant and earrings? I was also thinking of doing a phone cozy with the grandmothers fan in the corner.

I still have no idea what this block is traditionally called, I don't remember which book it came from! These pieces were easy to size down to a good shape for a brooch, and I loved trying to get an even amount of tiny stitches on to every side of each piece. I think I might do more with an extra smaller square in the center.

The star shape is my favorite, but it was the hardest to make. I refuse to use glue in any of my pieces, but I really had no choice this time. The nature of the springy felt made the little diamonds push apart from each other, and I couldn't get them to stay together long enough to stitch them down evenly. I dotted the tiniest most miniscule amount of white glue in the middle of each diamond, which worked perfectly to hold them just long enough to be tacked down with a few stitches in the center.

Pinterest came in very handy for finding color inspiration!

These are the colors I want to try next:

Any other quilt-ish or patchwork ideas? I'd love to hear them!


Samantha said...

LOVE these. And your photos are to die for! I believe the block with the square in the middle is an Ohio Star. :) I wonder if a Cathedral Window block would translate well to felt? Probably not, but I've always been particularly fond of ideas that are way more complicated than they should be :P

Terry King said...

"...I tried to do my dad a favor and cut his lawn, but I gouged out and chopped up a tree stump the size of a beach ball, and then uprooted several fence posts. (Don't worry, my dad doesn't read my blog.)"

YOU WHAT? Chopped a tree stump the size of a beach ball? Uprooted fence posts? Oh lord!!!

1. I do read, and enjoy your blog. You are very talented with your crafts and your writing. Okay, so I am your dad, but I've only stated the facts.

2. So that is why the fence posts seem unusually loose! Hmmph. Oh yeah, I've found the pieces of the stump. Oh well, the blades are due for a sharpening... umm, replacement.

3. To Missy's credit, over my protests that it was not necessary, she was trying to help me out. Okay, I was replacing her car alternator at the time. She was trying to show her appreciation.

4. After she parked the mower (with the lights left on), it would not start. It is a Gravely Zero Turn mower. After she was done, the Zero Turn part took on new meaning... like it wouldn't turn over. After two sessions of repairs, I got it running again.
(Two stick handles instead of a steering wheel... good gracious!)

5. Okay, so you may have spatial relational issues. Nonetheless, you are talented in the extreme. Just post a notice before getting in a car. "Drivers beware" kind of thing. Oh, don't worry about mowing my yard. Well, come to think of it, I ve got your brother's push mower in the garage. You are welcome to use that!

BTW, I don't know what your square autumn thingies are for, but they look good.


Allison said...

The Fall line is beatiful. Really love the patchwork. I'm a big fan of patchwork (quilting). Speaking of fans, YES to the fan phone cozy. Very clever. Looking foward to seeing your new creations.

Georgianne Holland said...

This is a lovely post with lots of inspiration. Well done! I predict your Fall Line will be a huge success. Applause.

superstitches said...

Love your new fall line. Thanks for sharing.

Barbra said...