Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Patchwork Necklace

A new piece for the Embroidered Patchwork Series! (No, it still doesn't officially have a name.)

I am having a seriously difficult time letting this one go. Maybe I'll actually make something for myself! I've been doing this for over two years and that has yet to happen :/

Here it is with my outfit from the Wool Gathering on Saturday. The colors in the sundress (worn under the sweater) inspired the piece. I have this new theory that I should start making things that I would actually wear. Not that I wouldn't like to wear any of the things in my shop, but I want my pieces to be easy to wear. They should be compatible with a number of things in an average woman's closet. I could see this necklace with jeans and a simple v-neck tshirt.

I'm hoping to lose thirty pounds before we go shopping for winter things in a couple weeks (har har) and then I can get all my skinny clothes back out! I'd like to design my next pieces around things that I actually wear. Is there anything better than getting out all your winter things and seeing favorite sweaters that you'd completely forgotten about?

1 comment:

MosaicMagpie said...

I have a name for your line. "The Most Fantabulous, Beautiful, Intricately Stitched, Pieces Of Lovely Felt In The World"!
How's that?