Friday, September 30, 2011


Is there anyone out there who hasn't been sucked in to Pinterest yet? I don't know what we did before Pinterest. Had lame bookmarks I guess.
Here are a few DIY and recipe finds from Pinterest I thought you'd like!

 Pop a magnet inside a pretty tin, and you have an adorable place to keep pens and a grocery list! 

 "How to decline an unwanted marriage proposal." Oh, we need this. Stat.

An old suitcase can be turned into a medicine cabinet with a mirror and a few shelves. 

Need a gift idea for a friend who loves to cook? A handmade apron in a jar is so cute!

 Keep a jar of this in the fridge for instant authentic chai. Perfect for fall

I've sat here for like three minutes trying to think of something to say that will truly encompass how ridiculously adorable this is. I got nothin. The pattern is a circle skirt. A CIRCLE SKIRT! You can do this. We can all do this. And force our daughters to wear matching clothes with us.

How did I not think of this!? Can you imagine how perfect this would be for my living room? Genius.

Also perfect for my living room. And a fantastic price!

Brown Butter Cake with Cookie Dough Frosting.
You had me at cookie dough. I love the way the hand is just taking a big ol piece of cake right out of there. This cake must be so good that we're not even expected to attempt using utensils like civilized beings. And I'm ok with that. Completely ok.

Eeeeeek! So cute. Cannot handle the cute. And so brilliant. Seriously, I've always wanted to do something with all those delicate little clock parts in the clock aisle at the craft store. But not cheesy like making a clock out of my cat's photo or something. This is precious.


Kathy Martin said...

Oh hey! Another Pinterest junkie like myself! :) Love that site and your picks! Today on my blog post I talk about three recipes I tried this week from Pinterest. What a site! :)

andrea creates said...

love the cuckoo clock especially!

Gale, pursuing as much as I can as fast as I can! said...

I'm soooo totally a Pinterest addict! Love your picks for the blog...especially that big ol' piece of cake!!!

kate said...

I love Pinterest too! And I just so happen to be working on a doily lap quilt just like the one you showed here! Isn't it the greatest?

jenni said...

I know. Those tins! That couch! You post waaaaaaay too much food, though, you purveyor of food p*rn!