Monday, September 19, 2011

Wool Gathering 2011

What always happens when you are really really reeeeally looking forward to something?
You get sick. Am I right? Or your kids are sick, or your car breaks down, or a weather disaster occurs.
Well that's a bit dramatic, but still. I have been thinking of nothing but Wool Gathering for weeks and when it finally arrived, I started feeling yucky. But don't worry, we got some good shopping in before I really became too weak to spend money ;)

We went straight to Fiber Optic first, because you want to get in on that while you still have a chance. The pastel on the top is much lighter in person, so I think that will be good for a spring shawl. The deeper autumn colors on the bottom are going to be... hmm.... I have no idea! An Autumn shawl would be perfect of course, but it's going to be officially Autumn in like four days, and I still have this to spin....

A whole pound of merino, in the most perfect shade of gray-blue to match Carly's eyes. I decided on this dress for this colors:

Maybe with long sleeves, or layered over a turtleneck. But I also bought a pound of un-dyed llama and a half pound of white merino to card together for this dress:

I  have a few ideas here. I could forget the stripes and do it all white, or I could get some brown llama and do the stripes like that. I don't have a picture of the roving, but it came from Millie the Llama:

So it should be a nice oatmeal-y color.
I'm leaning more towards no stripes but adding stitches at the bottom for a little hint of a ruffle. Hmmm. This is all on the assumption that I can actually spin over two pounds of wool before she's in high school. Oh, and without a wheel at that. But I've got my eye on one!

There were several set up that you could try out and buy right then and there, so of course I had to try this one...
Gorgeous, isn't it? The Kromski Minstrel. The size is so perfect for my little apartment, and sitting at it felt so right. Sigh.

Here's another braid of roving from Spirit Trail that I bought on an impulse. It's not my typical color choice, but I saw a woman spinning it while we were there and it was sooo pretty!
And I got these silk... thingies.

 They're some part of the silk process, that's all I remember. There was an article in a recent SpinOff magazine about using them, so I'll have to track down an issue. I just want to experiment and see what can be done with them. 

Now for the last two years I've been saying I'm going to post some kind of tutorial on how to spin silk without any equipment but... yea. I haven't. Would you guys be interested in that? I also have an extra starter spindle I don't use that I was thinking of putting up as a giveaway, with some samples of fiber of course. Anyone want to learn to spin?


KristiMcMurry said...

I don't know anything about wool, but it looks like you have some great projects ahead of you!

PVDela said...

I would love a tutorial on spinning, your post makes me want to dig out my old starter spindle and start practicing again.

MosaicMagpie said...

All those wonderful spinning wheels! Love the colors you bought!