Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Final Post Totes Tealdeer

Ohhhgeeez I don't even know what to say here. I'm going to try not to be really dramatic and pretend that this thing is more than what it really is. It's just a blog, just photos of my kid and projects I've actually finished for once. But to me, it's.... [cheesy cliche forthcoming] .... it's so much more. *cringe*
Seriously, this blog is so much fun for me! I loved designing it, and playing around with all the graphic elements and learning a tiny bit of html. I loved connecting with people who left me comments, getting inspired by their blogs, and let's face it- I like to talk about me. I started the blog a couple years ago to help promote my etsy shop. This whole online business was going to supplement my husband's income so that I could stay home with our daughter and further cement our plans of homeschooling her and devoting more time to the Bible ministry. Well, that hasn't really worked out. In fact it's kind of a disaster! I'm trying really hard to laugh but.... Not gonna lie, I'm crying like a baby. So pathetic. 
Anyway, you could say I could keep the blog and just post occasionally, whenever I found the time. But I'm definitely an all-or-nothing kind of person. I mean, I know everyone says that, but seriously you guys. It's ridiculous. I have no self control and I spend a disgusting amount of time in agony over getting up interesting posts with good photos and spamming it to the far corners of the interwebs, and then more time worrying how lame my posts are and if people are pointing and laughing. If I can't be internet famous, I don't want to do it at all. *pout*
Kidding. Mostly. But really, I just get really stressed out when I can't find the time to make this thing as perfect as it is in my imagination. I have eleventyhundred post ideas, and a camera card full of accompanying photos. I have tutorials lined up, and collaborations with other bloggers ready to go. I write posts in my head all day long, and then get raging mad when they never actually make it to reality. If I keep the blog and tell myself I'll just post whenever I feel like it, well, nothing will change. My daily planner will still be crammed full of "online business" plans and tasks, with no room for the important things in life. 

I'm going to keep the shop, I'm just dropping the social network marketing.* I honestly don't think of this blog as a marketing tool, more of a personal playground. My own little space to display whatever I find interesting, amusing, and inspiring. I'm really sad about losing this, but the point is to gain back the important things that have gotten pushed aside in my quest for internet domination ;)

If you have plans for spending money in my shop, please do so with all confidence that I won't be packing it in anytime soon- I have an entire roomful of gorgeous wool and vintage buttons that make me sweat with excitement over ideas! I'm curious to see if the shift in attention from the blog to reality will fuel my creative energy even more, allowing my shop to grow without the social networking marketing help.

Thanks for everyone who has followed my blog, shared my posts, and commented with your own thoughts. And for reading this overly dramatic explanation.   


*This does not, however, mean that I'm going to stop reading all of your fabulous blogs! In fact just today I discovered what google reader actually does. I know, I'm like ninety or something. Shut it. I'm going to stop making my own posts, not become a smelly recluse. So expect to continue to see my scowling avatar in your post comments, probably even more in fact, since I no longer have my own personal platform from which to spew my opinions.


Lara said...

Oh Melissa! I so completely understand about how things just don't go according to plan (SO understand), but please know that your blog is going to be missed. I really only regularly read a handful and yours is at the top of the list. I truly enjoyed it!! Can't wait to see what new goodies are arriving in your shop with all your creative energy funneled into one endeavor, and we'll still continue to chat on Twitter, I hope!


Jesse said...

TLDR: My company's new IT policy has forced me to quit blogging.


Hate to see the end of the blog, it's highly entertaining, even to a guy with no craft interest.

I expect to see your lolcat tumblr take off for reals now.

Kelly Irene said...

I too will miss seeing you in blog land, but I know how freeing it can be to give up something like this. (I gave up my Etsy shop last year. It was so difficult at first but I have had no regrets about that decision.)

emily b said...

Good luck, Melissa! Though I'm sad to see you go, hopefully you will be able to fill your 'free' time with other wonderful activities. I've enjoyed reading your posts, though I haven't commented too often - I can tell you write from the heart.

Thanks for sharing your time with us,
emily b

Cindy said...

Just found your blog through a friend. I hate to see you stop writing because it seems to be something you NEED to do. Maybe if you set a "date" with yourself each day, or at least once a week, you could still blog but in that time only. Trust me, it really helps to clean out that space in your brain that can be cleaned out in no other way. As a homeschooling mom who bought a quilt shop when my youngest two were 10 and 12, I highly recommend doing whatever it takes to homeschool your child(ren). The benefits outway the sacrifices, which aren't really sacrifices at all when you think about it. Your family will have much more flexibility, your relationship with your child will be closer, and your influence on morals and values will have a far-reaching impact on his/her life. Plus, it's really less expensive to homeschool than to send a child to public or private school. Good luck with whatever course you choose. I'm sure it will be chosen with great care.

PonderandStitch said...

still missing your blog!! hope all is well.


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