Monday, November 26, 2012

Library Day

Up for consideration today is Stitchy Kitty Fuzzy Puppy by Ayako Otsuka. According to the cover, this book contains "60 motifs to stitch everywhere," and that is totally true. Who would not want a fuzzy little puppy on the corner of everything they own??
Well, me. Because I'm not really a fan of dogs. I know, I know- I have no soul. BUT I do love cats, so this book was still adorable to me. This is the project I want to do:

That may actually be the only design in the whole book that is not textured and just an outline, so I'm probably really misrepresenting the book here. All the other designs have THE CUTEST animals done in textured stitches to make them look fuzzy and furry. 

I don't really like doing different stitches, I stick to my plain old running stitch with the occasional french knot if I wanna get really fancy, so this isn't a book for me. BUT if you like learning new stitches, definitely pick this up. She gets really creative with placing the embroidery designs too, like a little furry cat peeking out of the pocket of an apron. It's absolutely worth looking through.

Also I got Carly a copy of the Little Master Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet. This is part of the BabyLit series, which includes precious versions of Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice for little ones. I mean... COME ON!

I was really excited to take a look at the whole series, but this is the only one my local library has. Boo. Also it's actually a board book, not a condensed and simplified version written just for kids. Boo. But if your kids are still small enough for board books, you'll love them. This one is a counting primer, and the illustrations are A-dorable:

I'm glad I didn't rush out and buy a whole bunch since they are actually board books, but I think they would still make nice framed illustrations for a nursery.

Have you found any good craft books lately?

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