Thursday, November 15, 2012

Teaching Children To Embroider

This all started with Pinterest. Where all good things begin, obviously. This fabulous idea for teaching small children to embroider is from this blog, and if you have little kidlets I seriously think you should check it out. Seriously. Never in a million years would I have come up with a way to introduce Carly to stitching this way, and it worked perfectly. The idea is that you let your kid draw a rainbow on some cloth and then go to town with a blunt needle and embroidery floss. Or maybe even yarn. Whatever. I know a lot of people are all about letting kids create art in whichever way comes naturally to them, but then there are people like me who get nervous and sweaty when Carly has art supplies and no adult direction. It usually produces preposterous things like hot pink trees and neon purple skies. I just can't deal with that. So this project is a great way to get a child's confidence established about stitching and provide a little guidance so you don't end up with a tangled blob. I know a lot of you would find that precious, but I'm not hanging that on my wall.

I put together a little stitching kit for her using my craft store coupons. I probably could have done it with leftovers from my supplies, but I'm selfish. She was most excited about the purple scissors. Maybe I should be concerned about that?

I loved that I caught this expression when she made her first stitch! I probably make that face with every stitch haha. Come on, it does feel pretty incredible when you get that row of stitches juuuust perfect!

This kept her busy for hours. Win win. I think her next project could be some embroidered bookmarks as family gifts? I know, I know- I should be letting her guide her own creativity. I might have control issues.

So here's the finished project. Pretty, no? I'm really proud of her! Now I need to decide where to hang it. I want to keep it in the living room since it kind of goes with the rainbow vomit thing I've got going on in there. So Option A is the yellow wall:

And Option B is the turquoise wall. I'm not sure how I feel about the round embroidery hoop with all the framed things, what do you think?

She's already started on her next project without me. Can't wait to see how she pulls off this one!

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Marisa Hopkins said...

YOU'RE BACK!!! and better than ever!! Omg, I love that embroidery. I gave my kids embroidery kits last year, with some felt, so they could do felt and embroidered pictures. SO CUTE. Only they never finished their projects. Maybe this year will be the year to finish them. haha