Thursday, December 6, 2012

Craft Room Organization

My craft room is slowly getting back to normal, a year after we moved in! Argh so frustrating not to have a separate room anymore. Now it's part of my bedroom. Really the bedroom is part of the craft room, I should say! My mom gave me these nifty old suitcases for more storage, and they're already overflowing with yarn. Sigh. Too much yarn.

This is a little patchwork project I'm working on. I originally intended it to be a little wall quilt for my living room, but I machine-stitched one strip waaaaay off center, so I might end up making it a throw pillow or something. Or just finish it that way and pretend I meant to do that? Of course I could never just fix the mistake, right? ha.

My favorite yarn ball! I'll never use it. NEVERRRR

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