Friday, December 7, 2012

Got Mah Hair Did

Ok so the other day I was feeling a bit... bad. I mean, awfully depressed just out of the blue, hysterically depressed if you can picture that. It was just one of those moods, and I was like... MUST DO SOMETHING AWFUL. Like a weird piercing. But I didn't, I settled for dyeing my hair. Which for me is really awful because I do NOT do hair dye. Just don't. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't do blonde. Which is what I attempted. Aaaaand here's what happened:

(yeah, I look pretty upset there!) Ok so by today's wacky hair color standards, this doesn't look too bad. But it's a crappy phone photo so trust me, it was oompla loompa orange. Truly horrifying stuff. Fortunately my aunt owns a lovely salon and was able to fix it for me. Result:

Again, crappy phone photo. But in real life it's more of a dark gold, especially in the highlights area. And I love what she did with the curls! It looked really easy, but I don't have much faith in my own hair skillz. We'll see!
I'll probably go back to brunette in about six weeks. And my meds got switched around again, so hopefully there will be no more panicky sprints up and down the hair dye aisle :)

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