Monday, December 10, 2012


Ok so I was at the library today, just browsing the new arrivals, and I pulled out this book titled, "Embroidery" in a cute font. And then I started screeching like a crazy person (ha ha) right there in the middle of the library. Why?

What? What's so exciting about that? Take a closer look...

Does that stitching look familiar to anyone?
I had totally forgotten that I did this brooch for BHG ages ago. They paid me but never returned the piece, and I never got a book copy or heard back. So I figured they just hated it or something. But I guess not cuz it's ON. THA. COVER. yes it is. Here's a link btw, it's called Embroidery: 35 Projects to decorate, celebrate, and embellish.
Then I remembered I moved and my post office forwarding order just expired so maybe that's why I never got anything back? But who cares now?!

Here's my page. I love how the font looks circus-y, kind of like my brooch! The following page is instructions, and there are templates in the back pattern envelope. There are some really cute projects in here, too. A lot of ladies I recognize from etsy, which is really cool. Definitely get a copy!


Lori said...

congrats, how very exciting

Jane S. said...

Well how cool is that?!? :)

Dennice {Fringe} said...

This is super fantastic! I can see why they chose your beautiful work for the cover page. It looks gorgeous. Congratulations, Melissa!


SewSweetStitches said...

Thanks everyone!