Monday, December 24, 2012

Library Day- Our Best Bites and Inspired To Knit

First up, a food book- Savoring The Seasons with Our Best Bites
Savoring the Seasons With Our Best Bites
 Like the title indicates, this book is organized into food for each season. I really wasn't that impressed with the Spring and Summer seasons, I'm not sure though if it's because I'm in the mood for cold weather comfort food, or if those recipes really were just meh. Here are my favorites:

Butternut squash pasta with pumpkin sauce

Baked oatmeal- "Like a warm soft oatmeal cookie doused in warm milk..."

Glass Block Gelatin

Mint chip brownie ice cream squares
Overall, I probably wouldn't buy this to keep at home. I do love that all the recipes had nice photos though. I'm not sure why, but I'm a big baby about recipe photos- no pic, no cook!

Next- Inspired to Knit: Creating Exquisite Handknits

This book is absolutely gorgeous. I'd definitely like to have a copy to keep, but the only problem is that I don't think I could pull off these fancy knits!

Ahhhh so beautiful!! The details are incredible. And I browsed the finished projects from Ravelry users, and they all seemed to have turned out perfectly. So you know they must be really well designed and well written! This definitely inspires me to improve my knitting and move beyond dishcloths :)

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