Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Library Day- sort of

This really shouldn't be called a book review, since I'm a little biased! But I was so excited the other day that I forgot to show you the other pretty projects I liked, and that was very rude of me.
So the book is Embroidery: 35 projects to decorate, celebrate, and embellish. 

And here are my favorite projects that really gave me a lot of ideas:
Now I'm not really a paper person. I like just about all crafts, but paper isn't something I'm good at. AT ALL. But I have several friends who like to make cards, so embroidered paper could be something for me to get into! Only then I'd want to put them in my shop, and no way could I keep it simple, so it would be a $500 greeting card by the time I was finished. sigh. But look how perfect the stitches on the letters are!

LOVE this ribbon embroidered pillow.  I tried ribbon embroidery a while ago. I was going to make a 50's style party dress for Carly from a vintage pattern in powder pink sateen. The skirt had a scalloped hem, and I wanted to do a little bouquet of embroidered silk ribbon roses on each scallop. Anyway, I never got around to it (as usual) but the embroidery was ok. Not spectacular, just meh. But this has inspired me to practice more!

If you've had a chance to read The New Crewel by Katherine Shaughnessey, I bet you recognized this right away! LOVE this design. Can't wait to try it out.

THIS. Is a needle case. SHUT UP. Yes I'm serious. Have you ever?? And this is by Monica Solorio-Snow, who does The Happy Zombie blog. Super cute. In fact, she had a Ron Swanson-along this summer. I mean....! There was a Ron Swanson quilt. With bacon and eggs. COME ON!!

And if you didn't immediately shout LOVE MAUDE! when you saw this, well, you need to spend more time on etsy. Because you are seriously missing out on some super gorgeous stuff all up in here. Her color choices are genius. I'm going to borrow this one I think.

There are a crap-ton of adorable projects, (these are just the ones I plan on using for inspiration) so get in on this. stat.

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