Saturday, December 1, 2012

Library Day

Today in the kids category, we have Oddfellow's Orphanage by Emily Winfield Martin. It's indescribably precious. MUST OWN COPY!

Yes, it's about an orphanage. And yes, the characters are definitely odd. ADORABLY ODD! There are illustrations on every page. I mean...

I think I actually need TWO copies, one for my nightstand and one for Carly! But really this is a year or two too old for Carly to read on her own. Which works out perfectly because I can read it to her all the time :)

Also I just finished looking through Prairie Children and Their Quilts by Kathleen Tracy.

LOVE LOVE LOVE. So cute and really informative. It has photos from the pioneer time period and background information about each of the fourteen quilt projects. With instructions for each and a short quilting basics primer, this is perfect for someone starting out. Liiiike... me! (I'm partway through  my first real quilt. I only have the top and back pieced.) There are even instructions for a little apron and a miniature doll rag rug awwwww!

"Children today are rarely taught domestic skills from the past. Yet even in our present hurried world, learning practical sewing skills can give young people a great sense of satisfaction in mastering a craft. As children gain confidence in their creative abilities, they experience the ultimate joy of artistic expression. Making doll quilts is one craft children can absolutely accomplish successfully and progress to more difficult projects with practice."

I reeeally want to make that sampler quilt first, in different colors of course. And I think the log cabin on the bottom would be pretty in peach and pale blue and grays. I'd hang it in my kitchen. No wait, I want an entire wall of miniature quilts! 

Have you found any good craft books lately?

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