Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miniature Quilt Attempt #1

I have pieced several quilt tops, but have yet to actually quilt any of them. Piecing was fun, and so I thought quilting would be even MORE fun, but.... not so much?
Here's what my miniature wall quilt is going to look like:

I used instructions from The Complete Miniature Quilt Book:
I'm not saying my maybe failure is a result of bad instructions from the book. I'm just not that smart. So here's what we are going for:

 The little quilt in the example is only 6" x 8" with half-inch squares. Mine is the same size, but I used one inch squares. Not on purpose or anything, I just forgot to look at the book to see what size I should use. Sigh. So it's not going to look as cutesy, I think, but I adore this feedsack floral fabric so I think I'll be happy overall if I can just get the quilting part right.

My main problem is that I'm not sure what my quilting stitches should look like. Of course I've seen a zillion quilts in person, but I never paid attention to the stitches. I understand the needle rocking technique, but I can't get that to work here. Is my needle too long or too short? Is it because I don't have a thimble? Is my hoop too small and my fabric too taught? Halp!!

Of course, if these look ok to you then fine. It's going to take me a zillion years but I love making stitches so I don't really mind. The quilt in the book is quilted in diagonal lines that cross through the center of each square, but I like the look of ditch stitching better on patchwork. Anyway, please give me some hints here!

The book has some really cute ideas for miniature quilts:

This is a stencil quilt. Apparently you can paint right onto the quilt squares and then outline the designs with quilting. I love that idea!

The book also has lots of instructions for making displays for miniature quilts, like quilt stands, beds, cradles, cribs, and even bedding and a tiny little mattress! I'm already searching etsy for the perfect tiny iron doll bed. Who knows, maybe I can do an entire doll furniture layout on the bookshelf, complete with cozy textiles?!

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