Friday, December 21, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy #11

#11: SNOW!!!!

It snowed here last night! Well, it dusted anyway. And it's really windy, so if I sit by the window and don't look directly out of it, I kind of get the effect of falling snow. sigh. I really wish it would snow like three feet. This isn't worth taking a picture of, but here's a snowflake I made at SnowDays. If you've never played with this website, well! Just clear your schedule for the next few hours because it is FUN!

You can even send your snowflake to someone as a greeting card, and you can see what kind of snowflakes everyone else is making. If you like making paper snowflakes, you can click on them to see how they were made. My family and I made a ton of them last week and hung them with string from the living room ceiling, so they kind of float around when the heater is blowing. Carly is OBSESSED with making snowflakes now, and she's not too bad for a 5-year-old I think. It's neat to see how everyone's snowflake is recognizable, kind of like handwriting. Carly's are so cute!

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