Monday, December 3, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy #7

#7: My favorite necklace

My grandparents bought this for me when I was so little I can't even remember. So it's been with me every day of my memorable life. I hardly ever take it off, and it has a strange way of going with just about everything. It's stamped "Zuni" on the back. They found it in Arizona. This is probably my most precious possession, and if I was not wearing it when the house burned down I would NO QUESTION risk life and limb to rescue it!

Something tiny that makes me smile every time I look in the mirror :)

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Down To Earth News said...

It is beautiful!!!!

Just to share a story...I was fooling around with some raw stone about 4 months..I had a nice ruby..made a claw setting for it for a necklace..turned out not so Step Daughter's birthday is in July, so I gifted it to her(wish I had taken a pic before I gifted)....Last week she tells me, that she CAN NOT stop wearing it...every time that she doesn't wear it..she feels unconnected and out or sorts...I really do believe that some stones do have power.