Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Making an Impression

 It's miiiiine all MIIIINE! This is my new favorite book, by Geninne Zlatikis. She has the most amazing prints in her shop, and someday those will be mine too. But for right now I'm happy to learn stamp making, -or block printing, whatever- from her. Because she's brilliant and all things lovely. 

 I've never really been interested in stamps until I stopped using scrapbook paper and switched to kraft paper for my stitched packages. I think they need a little jazzing up, so I've been searching for the perfect sewing-themed stamps. Then I saw this book and I was all, hey let's make my own!
Here are my very first stamps, carved from dollar store erasers for practice:

I know, they're kind of hilariously horrible. But just a few more minutes of practice....

And I was able to make this little gardening scrapbook for my sister-in-law. The directions for making it are in the book too, and they were really easy to follow. There's a brilliant project for making a wall stamp border that I want to use for my bathroom makeover. This book is so inspiring.

I even let Carly make a stamp (under close supervision, of course, those tools are sharp!) This is an airplane. D'awwwww!
So now I'm ready to make some stamps for my shop! I got the Speedball brand cutter kit at Michaels with a coupon, so it was about $7 and came with a piece of rubber to start with. Not bad for a new hobby!

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh my gosh, they turned out amazing! I personally like how they look so rustic when you stamp them, even with vibrant colors. I've never tried to make a stamp before, but I like that your book has some designs to start with, that would surely help! They are so cute!! :)