Monday, January 7, 2013

Library Day- The Well Dressed Home and Fabricate

I don't usually get excited about home decorating books, buuut this one is pretty lovely!

A prom dress as living room decor? YES PLEASE! Can you imagine growing up in a house like that? I want to be a cool parent and have dress-up clothes everywhere :)

 I love so many different styles, so this book was really me. Look at that bedroom!

These kitchens are really close to what I want for mine. I love how the top photo has the open shelves above instead of bulky cabinets. Definitely on my to-do list! And that sink- swoon...

I'd love to have a copy of this book for my living room bookshelf, just to look through whenever I want to be inspired.

Next we have a craft book, Fabricate:

This one was not really a winner for me. I do love the clutch on the cover, though. I'd like to make one with the same technique, but a flower bunch just in one corner maybe?

This linen dress is gorgeous, and I love the technique for the bodice, but I know I'd never make it.

These potholders are cute, though! I love the crosshatch patchwork. I'd pick different colors for the fabric, but I love how it looks kind of crazy quilt-ish.

So I wouldn't buy this for my bookshelf, most of the projects were a little TOO artsy for me! But it was still inspiring.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorites Friday: Southern Twisted Soaps

Last week I did a TREAT YO SELF day and splurged on the world's best hand lotion:

This is from Southern Twisted Soaps, and, you guys seriously. Get over there and get in on this. I got the Buttercream and Snickerdoodle scent, and Lumberjack for my husband. I HAVE to have hand lotion, especially in the winter. Previously I used some stuff from Avon but it smelled like medicine and it left my hands greasy for hours. This is completely not greasy, and very light so it goes on smoothly without having to rub it in for a million hours. I'm going to use this for the rest of my life, so ERIN you'd better not stop making it! hehe.
Next time I'm going to try the body lotion too. She has the usual favorites, plus some heavenly sounding scents like Teak and Cardamom, Egg Nog, Buttered Rum, and Monkey Farts (?!)

Oh oh oh AND I got to try some of this solid perfume- CHOCOLATE. CHIP. COOKIE. I mean come on, who does not want to smell like a giant cookie? Nobody, that's who.

So yeah, go try something. Erin is super sweet AND she has a sale right now, 20% off with coupon code NEWYEAR until January 12th!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shop Update

Two brooches, two rings, one hair pin set, and a new hair clip style now in my shop:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy #12

#12: Art

Well duh, right? Who doesn't love art? But I mean, just being surrounded by it. Which brings up the whole topic of what is art, really? But every mother knows that every scrap of paper their kids have ever taken a pencil to is real art. 
I absolutely can't stand to see toys. Like, I don't want to even acknowledge their existence. Pink, plastic, sparkly, light-up, battery-operated. No. THAT does not make me happy. Stepping in a sticky wet plate of finger paints that someone carelessly left on the floor? Strangely, that does make me happy. Well, after I get done pseudo-swearing and hopping around on one foot of course!
I just love having jars of pens and markers and colored pencils sitting around. It would be difficult to find some surface in this house not home to a scrap of art or art supplies. It just makes me happy.

Now I know I've been kind of a turd this week/last week. Sorry. Super sad. I don't even know why. I mean, there's really no valid reason for it. I have more than anyone could ever need, materially, emotionally, spiritually. So why mope around the house refusing to get dressed? Why does nothing hold my interest, and even movies are excruciating to sit through? Maybe I'll never know. Maybe it's just chemicals, drifting around to the wrong spots up there. It's hard not to panic, thinking the medication is wrong and I'll never get it right. It's hard to remember this is only temporary, and it will go away. Some days I just accept it and lay in bed, but some days I try to fight it off and force myself to pick up that needle and thread. Some days that doesn't work. But I'm going to keep trying.