Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big Bedroom Plans

This is the extent of my progress so far. Pretty sad, huh? The table is going to be turquoise, I think. It's a lovely little place to sit and quilt. Here's what I've got done on my vintage sheet quilt:

The top is just 6" patches with a few random 12" x 12" thrown in. At first I was in love with this stencil because I thought it went with the playful look of the colors and florals so well, but my mom pointed out that it's actually a machine quilting stencil, and now I'm mortified that people might think I machine quilted this. Not that there's anything wrong with that! I just spend about 3 hours per block, so I want my credit!

The pillow is the same patchworked sheets with pom-pom trim. LOVE pom-pom trim! And I used this pineapple pattern for the doily on the back of the chair. It was a booger. I'm not great at crochet. When I recover from the ordeal that was crocheting that stupid thing, I want to make small ones for the arm rests too, and giant ones for rugs.

Anyway, I have big ideas for this bedroom. I want it to be cheerful and colorful, but also soft and gentle, not overpoweringly bright. I want it to be a pretty place to relax, since my bed is where I spent 95% of my days. So one wall will be pink, and the rest white, and then the furniture will be painted turquoise and pink and maybe yellow.

Crochet mandala- Little cushions? Wall hangings?

More beautiful crochet trim

This wallpaper pretty much epitomizes everything I want for my bedroom. Ohhhh it's perfect. I'd like to paper just one wall, behind my bed, but it would cost a fortune and there isn't even enough available to do it. So I think I'll get a few yards of different wallpapers and use them to cover boxes I can keep on my bedside tables for papers and other random crap. I hate that stuff lying around.

One thing at a time!

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