Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why Reject the Media Stereotype?

My little girl is only seven, and she already hates her nose. It takes her a half hour in the morning to pick out what she wants to wear to school, and it usual ends with a cry of despair- "I hate all my clothes!"
Not a day goes by that I don't hear about so-and-so's new shoes, or new backpack. She's even embarrassed that her little personal video game thingie isn't cool enough because it's not pink like the other girls'! We don't even have a TV with channels or cable, and she is still up to date on the latest fashions and tech gadgets.

Many who think they’re carving out their own identity are merely conforming to an identity that’s been handed to them.“I see it in my little sister,” says a young woman named Karen. “She pretends not to care about anything but clothes and boys. She’s smart, and I know that she has other interests, but she plays dumb because she thinks that’s the only way she can be like ‘all the other girls.’ And she’s only 12!”
The Bible says: “Stop being molded by this system of things.”Romans 12:2.

I've seen it all over the internet- parents are concerned about the media's influence on their daughters. I found a great article about rejecting the media stereotype. It talks about not only trendy material things, but even the attitude of young girls and teenagers today. I thought you'd like to share it with your daughter:
     Why Reject the Media Stereotype?

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