Thursday, September 11, 2014

Strawberry Nutella Turnovers

I got the idea for these when I made fruit dip with cream cheese and Nutella. Nutella and cream cheese go perfectly with strawberries. And you need something to get them to your mouth, which of course has to be puffed pastry. The only sad part is that you have to really control yourself not to put too much filling into the turnover because you can't get it folded over and it leaks out everywhere. But I suppose you could always dip the Nutella-filled pastry INTO Nutella, right?

Strawberry Nutella Turnovers (makes 18)
2 sheets frozen puffed pastry, thawed
1/2 pint strawberries
8 oz cream cheese, softened
6 oz nutella (half a small jar)

While the frozen pastry sheets are thawing, remove the strawberry tops and chop the strawberries into small 1/4" pieces.

Mix together the cream cheese and Nutella until smooth.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Slice the thawed pastry sheets into nine squares each. Place a teaspoon of Nutella mix and a teaspoon of strawberry pieces onto each square, then fold in half. Use a fork to press together the edges.

On a greased cookie sheet, bake for 15 minutes, until golden brown.

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andrea creates said...

Oh these look delicious! I will definitely be trying them : )